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November 15, 2023
Reef rescue: Researchers investigate 3d printing to save dying coral - The Shorthorn


November 21, 2023
A Smaller Carbon Footprint for Concrete Manufacturers - UTA news


October 31, 2023
Ancient Roman Concrete Meets Modern 3D Printing to Save Coral Reefs - 3Dnatives


October 26, 2023
UTA Team Gets $2M To Develop 3D-Printed Coral Reefs To Replace Damaged Natural Ones - Dallas Innovates

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October 24, 2023
A Bold Plan To 3D Print Artificial Coral Reef - UTA news


October 6, 2022
UT Arlington Researcher Takes a Page From Ancient Romans to Reinvent Concrete - Dallas Innovates 

LAB Instruments 310_edited_edited.jpg

October 5, 2022
UTA’S Ashraf Receives DARPA Director's Award for Developing New Type of Cement - UTA news


October 6, 2022
Sustainable Seawater Concrete Mimics the Cementation of Ancient Roman Concrete - Azobuild


November 24, 2021
Breaking barriers: Four US universities with dynamic civil engineering programmes for women - Study International

Silica-Cellulose nanocomposite.jpg

September 22, 2021
Wood Fibers Key to Sustainable Concrete, Cement - UTA news



November 11, 2020
Professors, researchers to use $490K grant to develop eco-friendly concrete - The Shorthorn


October 12, 2020
Concrete That’s Environmentally Friendly - UTA news


September 16, 2020
Ancient Roman Roads Endure for Millennia. UTA Is Researching Why - UTA news


April 27, 2017
UTA receives over $340K from TxDOT to study the feasibility of using plastic in pavement materials - The Shorthorn


April 10, 2020
Building Roads from Plastic Recyclables - UTA news

April 27, 2017
Warda Ashraf receives 2017 College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award - Purdue University news

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